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       Business Development Representative

    You will lead the acquisition of new accounts by establishing and developing relationships with new business prospects. Your top priority will be raising awareness of Tectonic Concepts' expertise and bringing new clients to the company. Responsible for initial introduction, investigation, presentation, negotiation and close of new business deals. Responsible for development of business proposals and presentations for new accounts working together with development and marketing teams.

    Responsibilities Include

    • Identify business prospects that meet Tectonic Concepts criteria;
    • Identify key decision-makers and initiate contact;
    • Participate in the creation of business strategy, formal proposal & presentation;
    • Present our solutions and capabilities through presentation to new accounts;
    • Build detailed account profiles for all targeted accounts;
    • Participate in the creation of marketing and advertising programs;
    • Interaction with industry partners in the area of joint business development.

    Skills and Qualifications

    • Experience in leading the acquisition and building relations with new prospects;
    • Strong understanding of E-business and Internet technologies;
    • Motivated by a rewarding commission plan;
    • Excellent written and verbal communication and negotiation skills, and creation of strategic sales approach.

      Send resume and salary requirements to careers@tectonicconcepts.com.

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