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      lastest news from tectonics

    January 27, 2004

    Tectonic Concepts, LLC is proud to announce the release of two new Microsoft .NET development components for the web community.

    Louisville, KY - Tectonic Concepts, LLC is proud to announce the release of two new Microsoft .NET development components for the web community.

    The first CodeSnippits, www.codesnippits.com, is a free program for application and Internet developers allowing them to easily store frequently used code samples, applications, snippits and bookmarks in one central location. The CodeSnippits software is built upon the Microsoft .NET platform and stores all data in an XML datafile allowing the developer to store the information without the need of expensive database programs.

    Although based upon the .NET platform, CodeSnippits stores code samples from virtually all programming languages including .NET, PERL, ASP, Cold Fusion, PHP, iHTML, COBAL, C++, C# and others.

    "Every application and web developer has run into the problem time and time again of having to find application blocks and code samples to be used over and over within their programs. We originally developed CodeSnippits to simplify our development needs and now we're making it available for others as well," said Jeremy Schell, co-founder of Tectonic Concepts, LLC.

    The CodeSnippits software was officially released on the Internet through various .NET portal web sites on December 26, 2003. Since then over 1,800 developers from around the world have already downloaded and installed the CodeSnippits system.

    For more information about the CodeSnippits software and to download it, visit www.codesnippits.com.

    Also released from Tectonic Concepts, LLC. is the .NET server control TemplateMailer and the TemplateMailer Web Delivery service. The TemplateMailer and the TemplateMailer Web Delivery service allows developers to easily send email messages and log results from any web form in any programming language.

    With the TemplateMailer software, developers simply point an HTML web form to the TemplateMailer software and using basic text templates the form information is easily turned into text and HTML email messages to the desired recipients. Additionally, all information can be written to a log file for later processing.

    Jeremy Schell is quoted "One of the biggest benefits of the .NET platform is the separation of programming code [code behind] from the presentation layer of traditional HTML. With the development of TemplateMailer, we've taken this to a new level by separating the business logic of processing web forms and the presentation layer of building email messages. All email messages with the TemplateMailer system are basic text files which are easily manipulated and do not require compiling by the .NET Framework."

    The TemplateMailer is a perfect companion for any content management system to allow web site owners to easily integrate HTML forms into their web sites and have information returned to them. The TemplateMailer software and the TemplateMailer Web Delivery service are included components in Tectonic Concepts, LLC's CMS2003, Content Management System.

    TemplateMailer works with any Internet programming language including .NET, PHP, PERL, Cold Fusion, Dream Weaver, FrontPage, Macromedia Flash, iHTML and others.

    For more information about the TemplateMailer system, visit www.templatemailer.com and download a fully functional trial version.

    About Tectonic Concepts, LLC
    Tectonic Concepts, LLC, is a Louisville, KY based interactive company specializing in strategic Internet marketing, Customer Relationship Management/Marketing, Content Management applications, and web-based application development based upon the Microsoft .NET platform.  Tectonic Concepts, LLC serves clients in over forty states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and China. For more information contact Jennifer Wroblewski, (502) 897-2444 or

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