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      lastest news from tectonics

    November 17, 2004

    Louisville.com brings high-tech to a local favorite web site

    November 17, 2004 , Louisville, KY – For almost ten years Louisville.com has been a local favorite among web travelers for community information, events, news, dining and much more. Over the years Louisville.com has evolved through many different looks and supporting technology each time changing to better meet the capabilities and needs of Internet users. “This most recent change is more than just an upgrade, its a dramatic leap into the future that allows us to offer more information in a timelier fashion and interact better with the community,” said Dan Crutcher, co-founder of Louisville.com. To facilitate the engineering and architecture of the new web site, Louisville.com turned to a long time supporter of the site, Jeremy Schell of Tectonic Concepts.

    We worked with Jeremy and his previous company, Global Marketing Concepts back in 1998 and his team helped us jump ahead of the curve then. This time it made sense to talk with him and his team again,” said Watson Courtenay, Louisville.com co-founder. Louisville.com has partnered with Tectonic Concepts and established a long-term relationship of technology advancements and support. The new web site has completely embraced the Microsoft .NET platform as well as Web Services to share and deliver information with its channel partners. Through the use of two core applications offered by Tectonics, CMS2005, Content Management System and the CRM2005, Customer Relationship Management software, Louisville.com is empowered to maintain virtually all aspects of the web site easily from a web browser.

    When we met with Dan and the rest of the Louisville.com team early this year we not only wanted an online showcase for Louisville but also to create a “high-tech” model that would be easy to manage and maintain, as well as to show what technical assets were available within the community,” stated Jeremy Schell, co-founder of Tectonic Concepts. “Each time I’ve worked with Dan he’s always had a vision for what Louisville wanted online, now we’re able to help him fulfill that vision as well as our own for how the site should be engineered.”

    The engineering of the web site took almost ten months to complete with the first phase coming online in late October. Since that time the web site has had more than 1 million page views across the entire site. With the various technologies Tectonics has incorporated the site can easily handle fifty times that amount of monthly traffic. Additional phases and enhancements are scheduled over the next several months.

    For more information visit http://www.louisville.com or

    Louisville.com, LLC. is a Louisville, KY based online portal offering community information, events, news, dining and much more. Information on Louisville.com is contributed from a variety of local resources including Louisville.com, Louisville Magazine, Voice-Tribune, Snitch, Kentuckiana Health & Fitness, SavingsNow, WFPL 89.3FM and Today’s Woman.

    About Tectonic Concepts, LLC
    Tectonic Concepts, LLC, is a Louisville, KY based interactive company specializing in strategic Internet marketing, Customer Relationship Management/Marketing, Content Management applications, and web-based application development based upon the Microsoft .NET platform.  Tectonic Concepts, LLC serves clients in over forty states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and China. For more information contact Jennifer Wroblewski, (502) 897-2444 or jennifer@tectonicconcepts.com.

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