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      lastest news from tectonics

    August 24, 2005

    Training. Sure it can be boring, but this is COOL!

    (August 24, 2005, Louisville, KY) Tectonic Concepts, LLC (“Tectonics”), a regional web development and interactive marketing company announced the release of its latest interactive project www.REVITS.net (“Revelation Interactive Training Solution”), a state of the art online training center.

    In early 2005, the founder of Revelation contacted Tectonics to build a new online training center to allow his customers to watch online training videos and then test their knowledge of the materials through a series of interactive testing criteria.  “Based upon Tectonics’ previous experience with online CRM, online interactivity, as well as online training we were the perfect choice to assist Lifelong Learning in their online needs.” stated Jeremy Schell, co-founder of Tectonics.

    After four months of development the REVITS system has been released to a number of new and existing Lifelong Learning's customers.  Besides the online training and testing, managers can monitor the progress of their employees through the training materials including each time they viewed the training materials, each test and test score along with their responses to each of the test questions.  This interactive training and testing system allows companies to identify areas for training reinforcement, ongoing education as well as fulfilling many compliance and legal requirements.

    The REVITS system uses the latest web technologies including Macromedia Flash, television quality streaming video, Microsoft.NET and web services to bring together a truly interactive and unique user experience.

    Besides the online training benefits, Lifelong Learning has complete control to add new training materials, videos, alter and update tests, and manage each of their clients and users easily through the REVITS Site administration built by Tectonics exclusively for REVITS.  The REVITS is a completely self-managed, customized, interactive system that allows Lifelong Learning to grow and expand its online clientele and services requiring absolutely no programming knowledge.  “I continue to be amazed at how much you guys can customize this thing.  Awesome!” said the founder of Revelation. 

    About Tectonic Concepts, LLC
    Tectonic Concepts, LLC, is a Louisville, KY based interactive company specializing in strategic Internet marketing, Customer Relationship Management/Marketing, Content Management applications, and web-based application development based upon the Microsoft .NET platform.  Tectonic Concepts, LLC serves clients in over forty states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and China. For more information contact Jennifer Wroblewski at (502) 897-2444 or jennifer@tectonicconcepts.com.

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