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      lastest news from tectonics

    August 20, 2004

    Tectonic Concepts, LLC Releases CMS2005 Enterprise.NET Content Management System v5.2

    August 20, 2004

    LOUISVILLE, KY – Tectonic Concepts, LLC, an Internet software application developer is pleased to announce the release of CMS2005 Enterprise.NET, Content Management System v5.2.

    The combination of Windows Server 2003, Microsoft SQL Server, and the Microsoft .NET framework with the CMS2005 architecture, will enable businesses to rapidly deploy and update information on web sites. Tectonic Concepts, LLC has developed its Content Management applications on the Microsoft platform and is now able to provide its customers with improvements in the time and overall costs associated with deploying and maintaining web sites, Intranet and business portals. Enterprise organizations leveraging CMS2005 on the Microsoft platform with .NET technologies also benefit from allowing content authors and web developers the ability to act on vital information anywhere, from any smart device with little to no programming knowledge

    The CMS2005 Enterprise.NET v5.2 is a leading .NET content management solution available today in terms of integration, price, flexibility and manageability. Extending the current CMS2003 Professional capabilities through 100% .NET source code, the CMS2005 Enterprise.NET version offers an MS Word style WYSIWYG editor, spell checking, content check-in/checkout, independent storage of Staging and Live content, automated content and file distribution across load balanced web sites, content restoration and much more. In addition, the CMS2005 Enterprise version allows for various administrative permission levels including publishing, approving, viewing, deleting, and adding/changing privileges. CMS2005 also includes a built-in notification and workflow process that allows for individuals to be notified when information has been submitted either by specific sections, or pages, or for the entire site and is ready for approval or to be published.

    CMS2005 Enterprise.NET key features include :

    • Robust security based upon the .NET environment
    • Rapid deployment and scalability
    • Content caching for faster performance
    • Browser-based, Word-like HTML authoring
    • Robust workflow and flexible approval processes
    • Content versioning and audit trails
    • Content level authoring permissions for vast content authoring and approval options
    • Web calendar and other template controls
    • Web service integration for content deployment across multiple web sites and environments

    The CMS2005, Content Management System is the seventh generation web based content management system made available from Tectonic Concepts, LLC. Previous versions were marketed under the names of CMS2003 and ArticleServer. Tectonic Concepts, LLC acquired ArticleServer from Win.net, Digicove, Inc and Global Marketing Concepts, Inc in December 2003. ArticleServer was originally developed by Global Marketing Concepts, Inc. in November 1996.

    For more information visit http://www.cms2005.com or contact Tectonic Concepts, LLC at (502) 897-2444.

    About Tectonic Concepts, LLC
    Tectonic Concepts, LLC, is a Louisville, KY based interactive company specializing in strategic Internet marketing, Customer Relationship Management/Marketing, Content Management applications, and web-based application development based upon the Microsoft .NET platform.  Tectonic Concepts, LLC serves clients in over forty states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and China. For more information contact Jennifer Wroblewski, (502) 897-2444 or

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