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      lastest news from tectonics

    December 31, 2003

    Using Content Management to Empower the Next Generation of Web Sites

    Louisville, KY - Tectonic Concepts, LLC is excited to announce the version 4.0 release of its latest software product…the CMS2003, Content Management System.

    In 1996, Jeremy Schell and Global Marketing Concepts, Inc. introduced one of the first web-based content management systems ArticleServer, which was subsequently sold to Win.net in January, 2000 through the merger of Aye.net and Global Marketing Concepts, Inc. Recently, Jeremy Schell and Tectonic Concepts, Inc. have acquired the ArticleServer software from Win.net and have taken Content Management to a whole new level with the release of the CMS2003, Content Management System.

    Mr. Schell indicated that, “Over the years, we’ve watched the content management needs of clients and developer alike change. Taking these changes into consideration, we’ve developed a product that meets most if not all of those needs in an easy to use, reliable way. I wanted something that not only gave our clients an easier and more advanced method of maintaining their site, but also for programmers to have a dependable product to build from.”

    The new CMS2003, Content Management System combines over eight years of web-based content management experience. Of the many great new features of the CMS2003, Content Management System, are the MS Word style WYSIWYG editor, web-based spell checking and image manipulation, content checkin/checkout, browser-based publishing, web site templates and complete style control are just a few of the new exciting and effective enhancements. Additionally, the CMS2003 system offers a familiar and easy to use interface to allow any user to begin adding and managing content quickly and easily.

    A number of ready-made content templates are made available for general content, press releases, events and calendar postings, slideshows, popup window/product promotion, META Tag management so you have greater visibility with search engines and many others. As if that wasn’t enough, the CMS2003 system offers Image Management capabilities that include more than 20 useful functions, including some of the most popular: blur, sharpen, brightness/contrast, crop, rotate, change dimensions, add text, and much more.

    Once installed, new content can be easily added and managed within the CMS2003 system by any authorized individual with little or absolutely no programming knowledge. The CMS2003 system easily integrates into various backend technologies including Microsoft.NET, Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, iHTML and others.

    For more information about the CMS2003, Content Management System and to help you better understand how it can help empower you with your web site visit http://www.cms2003.com.

    About Tectonic Concepts, LLC
    Tectonic Concepts, LLC, is a Louisville, KY based interactive company specializing in strategic Internet marketing, Customer Relationship Management/Marketing, Content Management applications, and web-based application development based upon the Microsoft .NET platform.  Tectonic Concepts, LLC serves clients in over forty states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and China. For more information contact Jennifer Wroblewski, (502) 897-2444 or

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