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    Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is the bundling of customer information (customer strategy and processes) for the purpose of improving customer loyalty and eventually profitability. It works to align business processes with customer strategies to build customer loyalty and increase profits over time. To measure success, companies need to know where they are and not where they want to go. This includes measuring their acquisition, cultivation and retention rates. Without identifying these elements, a company doesn’t understand what their customers want or need at each stage of the relationship.

    With CRM, we feel you need to first focus on the customer and the external issues. Together we'll chart out the process through which each customer type flows through your business. This will include identifying each division – marketing, sales, customer service, etc. that the customers go through and what their needs are at each stage. We'll then compare how the company currently interacts with the customers and how it would need to act in order to address any external issues. From there, we'll develop a plan that works to address these issues and to develop a more solid-lasting relationship with these customers. After all, longevity is the key with customers, therefore you need to understand how they respond and communicate in those ways.

    When planning the implementation phase of the CRM plan, we will help you to identify internal measures as well. Whenever you introduce new measures, training, technology, team members, costs and more need to be identified. We'll chart out the various steps along the way as it occurs internally in the company, the persons who will be responsible and the costs associated.

    Finally, together, we'll determine what information you need to capture and retain and then what group should be privy to what information. Provide real time reporting to those groups as well as reporting over the course of time. Continuously evaluate and re-evaluate procedures to develop a more efficient and customer satisfying process. Remember, technology supports CRM – it does not drive it.