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    Located in the central portion of the United States, in downtown Louisville, KY, our data center is equipped with advanced features and security which provide and maintain an optimal hosting environment. At Tectonics we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that our equipment and your data is always safe and available.

    Contact us to learn more about our Louisville Colocation facility or to schedule a data center tour. 

    Facility Design

    • 24/7 NOC personnel
    • Multiple backbone Providers: Level 3, TelCove, and Cinergy.
    • Fire Suppression via multiple FM200 Dry Fire Suppression system tanks
    • Redundant Liebert ventilation, ventilation and cooling units  

    Facility Power

    • Redundant electric power grids
    • Redundant UPS System for conditioned and consistent power
    • Diesel Generator backs up our UPS system
    • Regular System Testing

    Facility Security

    • Security personnel on site 24/7
    • Security cameras throughout building and surrounding area
    • Keycard Entrance at Office and at Data Center corridor
    • Security Corridor/Man trap
    • Biometric Hand scanner with personal pin number