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    With serious commerce a reality on today's Web, Tectonic Concepts gives you all the tools you need to implement secure, web-based transactions and turn-key online stores. Whether we’re consulting, enhancing, or building from scratch, we offer a variety of solutions and will work to fit your needs.

    Starting Out
    There's no need to start from scratch to set up Web stores. We offer branded solution templates that are user friendly for the customer and you. For those that want to maintain and control the Gift Shop in-house, our solutions allow for you to enter your own product information, graphics, pricing, etc. through a browser based computer. Before you know it, you're up and running. Unlike many expensive ecommerce solutions, there are no limits on the number of products, categories, subcategories or even the number of completely separate stores you can deploy with a single solution.

    Browser-Based Management
    Virtually everything about your Web store can be set, managed or modified from anywhere on the Net through the easy-to-use browser-based interface. There's no need to get into the HTML even to change the look and feel of your store (though you can, of course, if you'd like). It allows for 24/7 control of your online Gift Shop.

    Shopping Cart
    Our solutions include features like an advanced shopping cart that lets shoppers select items for purchase as they're browsing through a Web store and purchase them all at once--or even come back later and pick up their shopping where they left off. They fill up the cart and it will remember what they put in there all the way to check out – whenever that may occur.

    Credit-Card Processing
    Seven different systems for real-time credit card processing are supported, including: CyberCash, PC Authorize, TL Pay, and Internet Secure. With the CyberCash integration, shoppers can make credit card purchases (with or without a client-side wallet) and their credit cards can be authorized and charged in seconds, over the Internet (no modem or additional phone lines required). The CyberCash CashRegister software is free for merchants and is easily integrated with our solutions. With the Internet Secure service, you can accept secure credit card payments even without a secure server and also get set up with a merchant account if needed. If you have other means of processing credit cards, our solutions can be made to work with that as well.

    Dynamic Sales Reports
    With the click of a mouse, you can see a variety of charts representing up-to-the-minute sales statistics. An infinite variety of customized charts can be added.

    Ad Rotation
    Banner ad rotation is a no-brainer with our solutions. Ads for products, specials, or whatever you choose can be set to rotate randomly through all or part of the online store. The ads can also be weighted so some show up more than others, or some are specific to a customers choice.

    Fully Customizable
    Although the merchant components of our solutions are well thought-out and full-featured, perhaps the most exciting aspect of them are their unlimited customizability. Unlike most other merchant server products, you can modify not only the look and feel of the store by modifying the HTML templates, as well as changing the entire functionality in any way you choose. Our solutions can also work with integration into any systems you might be running currently. You can be assured that our solutions can change and grow with you, because you're not locked into anything. Contact Tectonic Concepts, LLC for more information.