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    Imagine a customer looking in the yellow pages under a particular category, and not finding your company's name and phone number. It is important to be listed in the Search Engine Directories available on the internet, so those potential customers that are shopping for products or information over the web can find your site.

    Because potential customers need to be able to find your site when they do a search for your subject matter, we consider this service to be a necessary and integral part of your web site marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve developed a method for companies to get found and be found on the internet. First, we’ll review your site and determine what keywords and descriptions are best suited for your company and the industry you’re in. Next, we’ll make sure that your site is setup so that these keywords and descriptions are matched when entered in a search string in the Search Engine Directories. Finally, we’ll make sure that the TOP Search Engine Directories have your site registered in their database as you would like it to be. From there, you’ll be able to sit back and relax knowing that when a customer looks for you on the internet…they’ll find you.

    If you are currently operating a web site offering restricted content where user's must be authenticated prior to view content including authentication based upon membership, age validation or location verification, read more about our successful SEO strategy for SEO friendly restricted access content.

    Contact us to find out the most cost effective and proven method for getting found on the internet.