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    At Tectonic Concepts, we believe in continuous support for our clients. We don’t just bring solutions to the table and then walk away. We believe that every solution is the beginning of a long-term relationship…and we work hard to make sure that every relationship remains solid and strong. If you’ve got a technology question or need, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to support you. If you’re looking for a solution, know we’ll also provide you with continuous support for whatever solution is established.

    For complete details regarding our Support policies, Training, Support contracts, Software escrow and subscription costs, click here.

    CMS2005, Content Management System Support

    Support for hosted CMS2005 licenses by Tectonics follows the same overall support and training policies.  Basic CMS2005 content authoring instructions are available online or schedule your personal instruction seminar during our next training cycle.  Full instructions are available as a PDF or HTML using the Support menu option within the CMS2005.